Monday, January 26, 2015

New Year more focus!

      For this new year I decided to step back and give Jared and Liam more of a lead when it comes to school and so far it seems to really work for them. Liam is all about his Letter Factory and Endless Letters. Jared is starting to read and is getting better at writing. Math is still his favorite subject and geography is a close second.

      I have found a few sites that have been a huge help. We have a nice list of sight words that he is working on mastering and when he does he gets a trip to Chicago to the place of his choice.

    Geography right now is coloring pictures of the continents, finding our state and the 5 great lakes, and we are going to start a project that I found on pintrest that looks like lots of fun. HERE.

    Reading! This is level one reading and we are now working on level 5.
I found the stories from the kindergarten ones are HERE.

    Writing is Jared's least favorite thing. He has poor fine motor skills but is getting better!
I have found to be one of the best places to make my own practice sheets. I have chosen to teach D'Nealian vs. manuscript as we will be teaching cursive down the road.
HERE is the link for the page I use to make my worksheets.
     Jared and Liam also received a chalkboard for Christmas and that has become a huge help! I have done a few different ways of writing to keep it not as boring and frustrating for Jared. Liam is very interested in writing as well even though his is mostly scribbling it's a start!

So far for 2015 we are having fun and succeeding!