Wednesday, October 8, 2014

One of the Hardest and Best parts of Homeschooling

Projects! We love doing them and I love having all the artwork on my walls. BUT I am very instruction oriented and want things to be just right. Now telling a almost 2 and almost 4 yo to follow exactly on a project just isn't going to happen. Instead of the past where I would get anxious about it and "help" so that they turned out right I have finally loosened the reigns. I still do some set up like in our last project I traced and cut out the hands and arms but the rest was all up to the boys with just the basic instructions and example picture.
We were aiming for this:
Tree Craft

Since Jared still isn't a fan of paint on his hands we used Q-Tips instead of fingers.
This is the result:

Seeing the look of accomplishment in his eyes makes it worth it!

I think we will call this Blustery Fall Day