Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Totally Horrible at keeping up!

We have been hard at work on school work. Part way through the year Jared got bored of the preschool work so after a break and some research earlier than I planned we are now working on Kindergarten skills and Liam is starting to show some interest in school so he is starting some early pre school work!  Most of our work is posted on the FB page HERE
  And here are a few samples of our work for October. I don't take many pictures anymore as the boys need more hands on help but I do try to capture some!
    Jared has gotten so good at Addition and is starting to catch on real well with the Subtraction. He loves looking at the globe and finding places, and he gets to pick his interest for the month. This month he wants to learn about the clouds and Fall leaves.

As for the Goals for 2014

   School Goals 2014
              Sight words- he is starting to pick a few up but we need to put more emphasis on it.
              Handwriting- Now that he is showing interest in writing his words we are going to have to put more emphasis on it and by the end of the year I would like him to be writing his letters without the dotted lines.
              Hand and eye coordination- I would like to see him able to start lacing and manipulating smaller things and possibly put puzzles together.
              Social Skills- This is Jared's weakest spot. We will be getting him his evaluation and hopefully some answers. I would like to be able to start taking him to the local library story time without him panicing and melting down.
              Math and Science- I want to have a small garden and grow some seeds. There are also a few other science projects such as oobleck I would like to do this year. We will keep building on counting and working on getting up to 100 by the end of the year.
              Language- This year Jared, Liam, and I will start working on some Spanish (I have lots much of what I learned years ago). I would like to see them able to name basic things if not more by the end of the year.

 There has been some adjusting, some success, and some things I just don't see him accomplishing yet.

   Sight words- he's very resistant but I have caught him reading words here and there when he doesn't think I am paying attention.
   Handwriting- He has switched to primarily right handed writing and is starting to get some control.
   Hand eye- Lacing is a success as is some puzzles. He still has a hard time manipulating small items and we will keep working on that.
  Social Skills- We got the diagnosis of Autism as we expected and have been working hard. The playdates are going well with some adjustments for timing and he is starting to show some interest in playing with other children as long as its not more than one or two others.
   Math and science. Garden did NOT happen as we moved into a new place and this years weather was wonky. We have worked on some science things I planned and found some things to keep doing just for fun. Counting- Jared loves to count but has a hard time around 17 and just isn't understanding after 20. I've shown him and counted with him but it's taking time.
   Language- The boys have picked up a few words but working on getting Jared to speak in general was our big task. I am proud to say he is talking in full sentences again and is understood most of the time!

                 Goals for Kindergarten 2014/2015
This is the general guideline I am working with. 
We are working towards this.