Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall/Halloween Weeks 3 and 4

  This last two weeks were a blast! We painted, picked apples and pumpkins, enjoyed the last days of warm weather.
Leaf Prints! I let Jared hunt out all the leafs he wanted on one of our many walks.

I adore these footprint Ghosts. I have done one every year since Jared's first Halloween. So neat to see the change each year. This is the last two.

Leaf Rubbings. Jared thought it was cool but it wasn't easy for him. 

Hand print spiders. The both loved these.

Our first attempt at Caramel Apples. Jared didn't like touching so he just directed me on what to put each apple into.

Our big pumpkin

Liam was curious and yes he tried to eat it.

Jared wouldn't touch it but liked watching and Directing me how to make the face.

Recently got these from a co op and love them for moments like the pumpkin decorating.

Jared was very proud of his paint job.

All of our pumpkins on the porch ready for Halloween!

Liam picking his first apple!

Jared really had the hang of it this year!

Jared picked the perfect Pumpkin
Liam with his perfect Pumpkin.

The Perz Family! 
And just a plug for something coming up that is awesome for the littles. ReindeerCam! Every day starting Nov. 1st Santa will be out feeding the reindeer and you can watch it live! He made a surprise appearance a few nights ago and watching Jared light up about Santa was wonderful. 

We have more cute and fun crafts in the works. Please visit our Facebook and the Website.