Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013!

Another awesome week!
   Easter and the beginning of Spring is a wonderful time for our family as we can finally start going outside to play again and the family time together!

We made Cotton ball bunnies!
And more Bird's nests! (honestly we make excuses to make these so we have a yummy sweet treat!)

We made Easter Eggs! And QC helped a lot.

Out of 16 eggs he only broke 2! (I always make 4 extra just in case)

Then we made some Chickens! 
Foot print Chicks from both boys.

and a hand print chick from QC's hands!

Puffy Paint! 
QC has tried this before and it was a disaster! The poor guy had quite the melt down when he touched it. We have been working on him being able to touch things like this and we finally had a great success. I gave him a paintbrush to work with and at first he was very leery.
And then he decided he liked it!

Oh the mess I got to clean up! 

But it was all worth it for the experience and to make our Bunny! We used paint and did hands and feet on blue paper. He covered 2 paper plates with puffy paint. All of this dried over night and then I stapled the hands and feet on and he glued the eyes, nose, and whiskers on! I love how it turned out!

We made an Easter basket with his hands! He loved making the eggs for it while we were dying those Easter eggs days before. 

Then there was the weeks coloring art and the Easter Sensory box!

Before he dug in!  There are lots of foam stickers with the alphabet, there are spring colored pom poms, Easter erasers, carrot and egg ornaments, plastic eggs, bunny cookie cutters, some little bunny maze games, and some glittery eggs. 

QC had to tell brother all about everything he was finding!

LT got in on the action!

Cheap plastic eggs! fun for filling and dumping!

Just to give an idea how big this bin is. He is only 33 inches tall. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful and fun filled Easter! 
Here are a few shots into what our Easter entailed.

The bunny brought the baskets while the boys were sleeping. QC got and Elmo movie and toy and then some bunny ears and some dinosaurs among other little fun toys. LT got some bunny ears and a stuffed duck  with a few plastic eggs. Bunny understood he really didn't need much this year.

Then we went to an Easter egg hunt and to see the Easter bunny! QC had to tell him thank you!

LT stayed all bundled up with QC ran around!
The field of eggs!
My job was to make sure he didn't get trampled. Some of the kids were a bit rough. But he had fun! 

His eggs!
He of course can't wait to try a piece of his candy!

He asked so politely!

Where there is an empty field there is lots of room to run, and run he did. He walked backwards for the first time and had so much fun. Then it was time to go.

LT got in some of his own fun when he got dressed up in his Easter shirt and Mommy took pictures!