Sunday, July 21, 2013

Silly Monsters!

The Pinboard for this theme is HERE.

  QC is having the scary monsters middle of the night wakings. With me already getting up once or twice a night with LT this is wearing this mom out! So we are going to make monsters fun!

We got our printables from 1+1+1=1 and 2 Teaching Mommies this week.


QC had lots of fun matching his monsters with the dice and filling in the squares! 

Working on pre writing as well. This is Day one practice! 

Shape Monsters! This one was for fun and to help with learning shapes. We counted as QC added the eyes and worked on fine motor skills with the little eyes. QC likes to put things in rows.

And the Dot Picture! He really get's excited for these.

We made a hand monster!
We reused a container to make a Sad monster.
he really didn't like paint and glue on his hands

Mix and Match Monsters!
This one was lots of fun, I colored one of the 3 monsters and QC did the other two. Then I cut them out let him pick how they were to go together and glue them on another piece of paper. LT was having a crying morning so it was nice to have a craft QC could work on by himself (minus the cutting). 
You can get/see the templates HERE 

We did school in the living room today as it is a bit warm in the kitchen where we normally do it. Love the flexibility of homeschooling!

We made monsters with play dough.

TP roll monsters. 

Working on sorting sizes. QC did really good at this one. 

Next Week: Farm Animals!