Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transportation Week

QC loves ANYTHING with wheels. He actually obsesses about them, so it was only natural that we have a week where we focus on them.

   We took some paint, cars, and a box and make pictures with tire tracks. It was beautiful out so we did this one on the front porch! (bonus since we had rain on the way I didn't have to clean up any paint that was spilled).


We played a matching game where QC was able to try and match the vehicles! He did this over and over and got really good at it.

QC loves the projects where I give him pieces of paper to glue! This stop light was so much fun for him and super simple for me to get ready. I just traced circles with a white crayon for the lights and let him have at it. I always have pieces of scrap paper that I cut into squares since we do projects like this often.

The Digger truck! This was a color cut and glue together project. It is technically supposed to be movable with brads but I am not ready to have him playing with those.

Colored an airplane just for fun!

This was a new one for QC and I was impressed at how well he did once I explained what he needed to do. I did the cutting and he got to glue each item to the correct section. He noticed quickly that wheels were for the land! 

We also took a trip to the library and got some books on Fire Trucks and Firemen and a video with Fire Trucks  Big Trucks (daddy is a trucker so he adores these) and airplanes! 

We will be taking a week or two off for vacation. QC will still have his Tot Book  from 1+1+1=1 to work with when he is in the mood. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I love it and HATE IT! Allergies and Migraines galore but it's so fun now that QC will touch some new things.
   We got all of our veggies planted and are anxiously awaiting sprouts!  QC loved helping put the dirt into all the cups.

We had lots of fun with making our veggies but he really thought he would get to eat them right away. Lesson in patience going on!

Then thanks to a nice day out we were able to go for a long walk, look at different things and I let QC pick everything I would take a picture of. I will be having them printed into his own little photo book in a few weeks so that we can look back at them. 
Daddy taught him how to pick flowers

The Tree's are beautiful right now.

One of the many flower boxes lining the main street of our little town!

He really really doesn't like grass and I had to help him up since he didn't want to touch it.

Loved the Bird in the tree

This Stump is at one of the parks we visit!

Our City Hall!

The Lilacs that gave Mama an asthma attack. He told me they smell good.

Of course after our long walk and play at the park one must stop at the old fashioned Soda Fountain for a cone!

Another fun filled week! He wasn't too into doing much other than going out to see the flowers and checking on the veggies. 
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