Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I week

Well ABCmouse.com is so far a big hit. QC is my little coloring maniac though. We had some beautiful days so we went out walking and playing!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day!

Yes an extra post this week! Today is Earth Day and I took this as an opportunity to color and craft while explaining Earth and how we can take care of it. QC was excited to do extra crafts and really liked it when he got to play with glue (until it touched him then there was an outfit change to get it off him).

He got glue on his hands shortly after this picture and needed to change clothes. 

We talked about how Bob the Builder recycles.

While he was coloring I marked close to where we are. (this picture isn't the best representative of earth)

This coming weekend we are going to do an extra project for the house and to recap on earth day. 
Much like this little guy. Just need to get an empty jug from Daddy's truck!

H week

This week we started playing with ABCmouse.com. Not sure how well we are going to like it right now because QC is having a hard time maneuvering the mouse but he is trying and loving it right now. We did a couple of color, cut, paste crafts and more coloring pages. I have found he really loves when I leave them on his craft table with an open box of colored pencils (which also have become a fast love in this house). He can choose to color whenever I am in the kitchen and I love that he isn't going to be trying to help while I am at the stove.  I also keep the easel with dry erase crayons, pencils, and markers on hand when he get's bored and I am cooking.

QC also is loving to find things that begin with his letters. There was a lot of play with his toy helicopters this week. They hurt to step on by the way LOL. 
Next Post: Earth Day!

Friday, April 12, 2013

G week

Yup we skipped a week. This is why I love homeschooling. I got super ill so instead of school we hung out and cuddled, read lot's of books, make a quick run to the library to get more books, and just let me recuperate.  QC loved the extra cuddle time and I kept my sanity.

   On to this week. We worked on letter G!

We did a few color, cut out, glue together projects. Made a puppet and did lots of coloring. QC helped make pizzas, and best of all is starting to try and make letters of his own!