Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today QC played with his flash cards, drew on his chalk board, tore the living room apart building with my sofa cushions (yes I let him have at it!), he colored and did his project that Daddy thought would be fun for him! Coloring and Gluing are two of his favorite things to do!
      He wasn't feeling all that great today thanks to all four of his 2 year molars coming in so we did lots of cuddling and reading today.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Today QC asked for his ABC song by bringing me the mouse... at 3 am! Needless to say he was sent back to bed. Once I was ready to get up for the day we had breakfast and I turned on the song (4 times!)
  I wrote out words on the Chalkboard  this morning. He was able to point out and tell me Boy today!!!! We worked with the flash cards and went through them several times. He picked our craft today from here. I gave him some crayons and pictures and let him create how he wanted. All in all a nice day of learning and fun.
QC was very proud of his Blue B Bird! I keep a pintrest board for each letter of idea's for crafts and let him decide which one he wants to do that particular day! Lots of fun for him!
So I wanted to start using bingo dobbers (I'm sure I spelled that so wrong LOL). I printed the right pages and then... forgot to get them! So I got creative with foam circle stickers for now. QC liked matching them up! 
He also discovered that the heart bracelets in his Sensory box make noise when you wear more than one!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


  QC woke me up this morning asking to do his cards (flash cards) I had to hold him off long enough to get LT fed and to actually wake up myself. I am not a morning person. Once we had breakfast, QC picked peaches and a Banana today, we got to work and went through the cards 3 times before he was bored and ready to go on to something else.
  Next we got his sensory box out. The one we are using right now is the February/Valentines box (yes I know a bit early but he was bored with the old one). In this box we have:
Pom Poms
Heart Maze party favors
Heart table scatters
Valentine Foam stickers
Heart Bracelets
Valentine Theme Erasers
              That was $6 total for all these goodies which keep him occupied for a good long while!

Add in some tweezers, plastic spoon, and a few containers and you are good to go!

While QC was napping I put some B words on his Chalk board! He loves to see his words and loves to wipe them off even more!

We did some coloring, work book time, and our project from here

Last but certainly not least, thanks to a friend i found this video which QC already adores. He already sings and dances to it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

B week! 1/28/13

Today was the start of "B" week! QC was so excited when I pulled out the new markers and chalk and the new pages in his work book.
   We had Chocolate Chocolate Banana Muffins (with no glaze)  for breakfast. QC and Daddy played ABC Hide and Seek while I got to get some rest. I would then send him for different items starting with "B". Boy, Ball,Block,Bear, Blue. We wrote out a few B words on the chalk board and he told me what letter I was putting and then we sounded out the words. He got so excited seeing his new words. We took out the new markers and worked in the work book. He liked seeing the new B pages and the B songs :) We picked up some ABC flash cards and are just going through them when QC asks for them. They are shuffled and he is so proud of himself when he can name them all!
    After a nap and lunch we did our project from here

Then we got to make a special treat for the week. 

QC was able to help me out and this batter has no egg so it was safe when the inevitable happened and he stuck his fingers in for a taste! 
I adapted the recipe using chunky Peanut butter and used a tablespoon to make the cookies and got 3 dozen! What a fun treat and lots of banana flavor!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013

We have had a super busy last 2 days so no work on paper. While running errands we picked up the goodies for the next few sensory boxes, we worked on colors with QC. There are so many things with A on them and he loved telling us when he saw one! Today while grocery shopping Daddy was complimented because he was teaching QC yellow with the labels on the shelves!
       We took time to wind down tonight and played with our Valentine/February Sensory box! Daddy even got down and played with him!

We are looking forward to B week. Tomorrow is our free day. If QC wants to play he can but we won't ask him if he wants to.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 24,2013

Today was pretty rough. QC was feeling yucky and was missing being outside so I just let him lead in everything. We played with his letters, drew on his easel A LOT, and did a craft.

We glued yarn scraps onto "a". We started out dipping the pieces but he didn't like the feel of the glue on his hands so we switched to painting the glue on and sticking the yarn on that way. 
QC is getting so much better with his words.he has mastered saying apple and ant and being understood. He loves to sign apple to me as well and had eaten so much apple this week! Alligator is just too cute when he says it, more like alligayga. I ask him to say Astronaut and he just says No! 

Next week is just about all planned out and I am looking forward to "B" week. Planning on lots of banana foods.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday January 23, 2013

This morning we worked with our sensory box!

We did some coloring and read a few books. QC was tired early so we stopped so he could take a nap. Sure it comes from getting up at 3am today.

This afternoon our craft comes from here.

We worked in the notebook, colored some pictures, read stories, played ABC hide and seek, and then QC found his ambulance and told me it was A. I think he is getting it! We watched some videos,  and then we got down on the ground to play with his Waffle Blocks (we have a vintage set but this is the same thing)! He likes to bring me the colors. He can now say red and yellow where it's understandable but blue is still hard for him.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday January 22, 2013

Continuing on "A" week:
   This morning QC played ABC hide and seek, he colored in his notebook, we watched some "A" videos here.
   This afternoon we did some coloring pages, worked in the notebook, played more ABC hide and seek, we watched some leapfrog videos (we love leapfrog!), read our "a" book and QC pointed out all the A's he found, then we did a craft that we found here, and played with play dough and the play dough mats from here.

   Currently I am in search of another activity that QC can do while I am feeding LT. I have a few idea's in mind and will update when I find what I am looking for.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday January 21, 2013 "A"

     Today we started some work on the letter A. We read a book all about little a. QC loved telling me "a" every time it came up! We sang the ABC's, played with our Mini ABC Pillows, pointed out all the A's he could find in a few of his board books. We got out the Winter Sensory Box and sorted the items by color and rolled the ornament balls from it around the floor while LT watched us from his boppy where he was spending his tummy time!
    This afternoon he will work with his Tot Time Notebook, color some "a" pictures, and then we will play ABC Hide and Seek with our Mini ABC Pillows!

Today's craft was to color the letter Aa and then momma cut them out and he glued them to another paper! Was lots of fun for him and I loved to see him get so excited when they were cut out! 
Please excuse the horrible picture as our camera decided no longer work.

Sensory Issues

QC since he was really little has had issues with touching many things. Starting with grass, he would flip out if it touched him. He didn't like sand either, making trips to the park interesting.
   We have had some success' with these issues in the last year. QC now loves the park and loves to play in the sand, there was lots of freaking out and trying again to get him ok with that texture. 6 months ago we started working with sensory boxes and I credit it to the recent success of play dough. He finally got over his dislike of it and is starting to play with it. He still get's annoyed if it sticks to his fingers but hey a little time and he will like it too. This is the same boy who can't stand his hands to be dirty or sticky. Our first attempt at puffy paint was pretty much a disaster. There was an all out melt down over that one. Carving pumpkins this last fall was also a cause of the melt down. I have faith that in time he will be ok playing with all of this stuff.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weeks 1 and 2

Not the greatest for us. We all caught a nasty cold. We still worked some on the Letter "A" but not enough that I feel good about saying he understands what is going on. Waiting until we are all well again and going to start again. I want to get started on January 28th. We will be making a trip to the store to get some more items for the sensory boxes!
   For QC's Birthday he received an art easel that he is in love with and I think it's going to be awesome for school!