Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Week 1

QC and I are already loving the longer themes. We aren't feeling rushed and he is able to skip a day if he isn't feeling it.

    Every day we do a few practice writing worksheets, a worksheet with cutting and glueing, dots! QC loves his bingo daubers so we do one or two a day, he has the option to color or do a project from our pinboard, and we got the new sensory box made up for independent play.

We took this activity from our Kiwi Crate and adapted it for leaves. Colored with markers then sprayed with water.

We are starting to work with pattens.

My beautiful Fridge full of artwork!

QC's Trees

QC's hand leaf

LT's first painting!

Our fall Sensory box

Swt out our car rug in the kitchen so that he could play while I cooked breakfast! 

Love these puzzles.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Catching up.

  I have been so busy lately the blog has suffered. We have still been doing school. QC has found a love of work books and I have been using more learn while play applications while I was working on our new website and revamping a few things with school work. Themes are going to be longer than a week and more busy work with a few crafts mixed in. QC received a 3 month subscription to Kiwi Crate so we are also going to be working on those crafts. Our first box had activities with water. One of which we will be adapting for our theme work as well! QC has been working on counting everything from the stairs, to cars,and books.
    We didn't do a lot of pictures but I will share a few. You can always see videos and all of our pictures on our Facebook page HERE.

Our first long theme will be all about Fall! 
This is my favorite season and we are excited to get to work. Did lots of printing, got some books, picked out some books and ideas galore! Can't wait to start sharing our fun.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pond Theme

We had a lot of fun this week "playing at the pond".  We used THIS printable pack from Homeschool Creations.

  QC loves to practice writing now so I make sure to have one or two pages for him to work with each day.

Learned to word  my instructions better after this one.
Told him to write his words, not trace all the letters so he 
wrote his words and then colored. 

We did a few sorting activities and a dot paint activity

This weeks big thing each day was the blue rice!!! This is something I hadn't done before because I really hate stepping on dry rice. But it was worth it. Had I let him he would have played for hours just with the rice. ( Perfect for prepping meals!)
I used THESE instructions.

While I was looking for new things for QC at the dollar store I found this:

He is excited to get to do his new workbook. Unfortunately there wasn't much for the sensory bins since they had all the school supplies. Will have to stop by again in a few weeks in hopes of stocking up.
To round out this theme we went to the lake to cool off on a hot day this weekend!
This was LT's first time in the lake, he didn't hate it or love it. He did like splashing
with daddy!

QC was terrified with the water last year but this year he had a lot of fun and only 
panicked a few times. 

Next week: Football Theme!