Friday, June 28, 2013

Patriotic Week!

   First off a Link to this weeks Pintrest Board where I pin all my ideas I have found for the themes we are or will be working on.  I don't always do all the crafts because QC has the final word on what he would like to do on any particular day.

   This week we worked on Patriotic crafts to celebrate 4th of July and to help him learn the colors red and blue. He has many difficulties with colors so I am trying to focus a little more on them. I have taken to describing everything with it's color.

  Monday QC was so excited from the time he woke up because we were doing school again!  He was asking to start before we even had breakfast! I did make him wait until we were done eating and we jumped in. We started with one of his favorite crafts and did a star with blue and red pieces of paper.

  Then some playdough fun! Even Mom played this time!

  We started work on his windsock. He thought it was sooo cooool!  We will hang it out next week once there isn't nasty weather coming and going.But for pictures I had to get it out there! I think it turned out nice! Instead of the embroidery hoop that the instructions called for I used a milk carton that I cut the top and bottom out of.

We then made a cheesecake because well it's something easy he can help with. Mom's job is to make the crust and open and measure the ingredients. He get's to do the rest with help when it comes to the electric mixer. Turned out amazing and he felt like such a big kid!

  Tuesday was our big craft day! I pulled out the paint and we started two projects and did two others.  This journey with homeschooling has made my craft mess anxiety go away. I don't mind the mess and love to see him figuring things out.
   We made a flag with his and and fingers.

   Then did the handprints for another project that will be finished up later this week.

   Wrapped Toilet paper rolls with white paper and let him paint to his heart's content for the start of another project.

   And the big messy project! We took Shaving Cream and food coloring and mixed with a fork to make awesome swirls, then added paper. The results are perfect and QC had so much fun making a big mess. Paint on Mom's table (thank you crayola for super washable paints), his head, and shaving cream all over his head,body, and paint shirt. I seriously just threw him shirt and all into a shower and rinsed him off. This he found to be so funny. I am silly mommy!

A friend mentioned they look like Tie-Dye!

Silly Mom!  The shirt and the artiste got clean together. 

   Wednesday we finished up the projects we already had started and did some coloring. Mom really enjoyed the low key day!

The rockets turned out Awesome! We used TP rolls (I have about 30 saved up for projects, Soda cases are great to store them) the tops we used a box from our recycling box and cut them from it. 

 The handprint Firework!

This one is one of my favorite hand projects we have done thus far.

   Thursday we pulled out the lego blocks and sorted them by color and built towers!
LT got in on the lego action! 

QC with his big rocket. Then it got knocked down to make more!

  Friday is our no mess day. Daddy is coming home! We are reading some new books we got from the Library's  yearly book sale and relaxing.

   Another awesome week at the Perz house!


Next Week: Ocean Week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Break time coming to an end.

         QC, LT, and I really needed this break! With the nice spring weather we spent so much time outside enjoying it. QC is starting to string 3 words together which makes me so happy, for his age he is behind on speech after losing his speech around 15 months. Taking the time off we have noticed a few quirks that we will be addressing to his pediatrician that we suspect may be linked to Autism. As much as it scares me to possibly put a label on him, we want to also do the best we can for him and get him whatever therapies we can to help him get past this. Even with all of his issues this little boy is so smart! He knows his alphabet inside and out and in any order, he knows most of his numbers and shapes, can tell you all about the different types of Semi- trucks (dad is a trucker) and emergency vehicles, and he is now able to do the shape puzzles on his leap pad like a pro!